Being a part of Mrs. Idaho has been life-changing. It gave me permission, as a woman, to not only be beautiful on the inside, but on the outside as well.  It gave me permission to be the leader that I felt I was but didn’t know where to lead.  It gave me the boldness to be involved with organizations around the community and to stand up for what was right and raise awareness about the things that weren’t right.  It gave me a greater sense of self, and I grew as a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a businesswoman, and a community member. The friendships I have from this incredible group of women are the sweetest, most genuine friendships I have had and I look forward to meeting all of the new women who join in the future. If you think you could never do anything like this, I know how you feel because I was the exact same way.  so glad I didn’t listen to all the reasons “why” I shouldn’t do it, and started to ask myself, “why not me?”  I want to encourage you to jump in an ask yourself the same question… “Life is always better outside of our comfort zone…”

Charity Majors
Mrs. Idaho America 2015


It has only been 10 days since pageant and I'm so excited to get together tonight with a few of my ‪‎pageant sisters‬ for dinner. I miss them something fierce! You see, there's this thing that happens when you surround yourself with awesome women who are like minded and passionate about empowering other women...you can't get enough of them and when you're not around them it's like a part of you is missing. There is a magic to pageantry that only those who have done pageants will ever experience. There are no words to describe what it does to you, for you. I would have never met most of these women had I not put my big girl panties on and stepped WAY outside my comfort zone. It's not about getting up on that stage...in a swimsuit...and being judged. It's not about the dresses and who has the best one. It's about the relationships and the friendships that are unbreakable. Only one walks away with the crown, but we all walk away winners.‬‬

Mandi Stephenson
Mrs. South Meridian 2014 & 2015

One year ago I found myself in the best shape of my life and having the most fun stepping out of my comfort zone, being on stage in front of a huge crowd full of people in a swimming suit and competing in the Mrs. Idaho America pageant.  It was experience I'll never forget and really, the goal that got me to be the healthiest I've ever been in my life. I worked so hard to get my body back after babies and I can honestly say I love my body more now than I ever have before. I love and embrace every curve, stretch mark and flaw and it's what makes me who I am today.  I learned so much about patience, self-control, loving myself for who I am, how to eat healthy for a lifetime and work and form muscles I never knew I had.  I can honestly say that outside of your comfort zone is where ALL of the fun happens. It's thrilling, scary, exciting and addicting to be out of that comfort zone, but so worth the work to be better inside and out.  I will forever treasure that experience and the lifelong friendships I made.

Sheena Daniels
Mrs. Eagle Rock 2013

People come into your life for as reason. I am so grateful to be surrounded by others that want to make a difference in the world, whether it's something huge or small, ever bit helps! I am just in awe at all the support I have for the event that I am putting on next month, but also being asked to be of service to other community events. The Mrs. Idaho America Pageant has made my passion to help others magnified and I am filled with excitement for the future.  This past 2 years has been amazing. Thank you to all of you that loved and supported me through my journey as Mrs. Garden City 2014 & 2015. I am sad that it is all coming to an end, but will cherish the moments that I had being a productive member of my community, being of service in many ways, creating a louder voice for those that need to be heard, meeting some amazing married women that are inspiring and wonderful and being a role model and inspiration myself. It's amazing to think of where my life was headed to where it is now to where it will be in the future. I owe so much to the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant.

Virginia Treat
Mrs. Garden City 2014 & 2015

The love I have for this pageant will never end! The difference it made in my self-esteem and becoming the woman I am today through the pageant process. Each year I learned more and more about myself.

Kimberly Paige
Mrs. Bannock County 2015

Being a part of the pageant was one of the best things I did for me. I met some of the greatest women in Idaho who were not in it to compete but rather build the female presence in this great state. You don't have to be skinny, blond, working, or even all about world peace....just married. Come as you are and leave a better woman! Think about it, ask me about it, and just do it!

Camille Gilbert
Mrs. Pocatello 2013 & 2014

Mrs. Idaho can be an amazing, life changing experience. You will find out who you are and just how much you can do, you will truly grow in ways you never imagined! The ladies you will be surrounding yourself with, will be some of your biggest supporters and become friends for life. Take a chance, what have you got to lose?

Lacey Wirkus
Mrs. Ammon 2015
Mrs. Star Garnet 2014


I would say go for it! You won't regret it, you will love every minute of it and you will make friendships that will last forever. You will grow in ways you never thought were possible. You will find that you have an urge, a power within to make a difference and take a stand for what you hold dear and that is only the beginning. You will get to know yourself and what you are truly capable of. You will make a difference in those around you.

Elizabeth Mashburn
Mrs. Rexburg 2015
Mrs. St. Anthony 2014

I would say to her that we only regret the chances we didn't take in life. This is a chance to do something for yourself while doing a lot for others. Learning about yourself and growing as an individual is something you will not regret. Just DO it!!!  P.S. You will have so much fun in the journey.

Heather Harrington
Mrs. Ada County 2015

You will learn new things about your community, pageants, making friends, and most of all yourself. Your family & husband will see you in a different light. Try it, stick with it, when its over- your life will be better in ways you never thought possible.

Alyson Likes
Mrs. Eagle 2014 & 2015

Originally from Alaska, I moved to Portland for college. After eight long years, we finally plotted our “escape” to Idaho. I left Portland with no friends. I let myself, unknowingly for a few years, fall into a depression. I cut classes, slept long hours, watched a lot of TV, and when I was invited somewhere, I declined.  Part of my plan in moving to this beautiful place full of sunny people and places was to join networking groups and make friends. Become more of the person I was in high school by volunteering and living my life. In one of my networking groups I met one of my now closest friends who has me heavily volunteering with her throughout the year. Last year she invited me to help at the Festival of Trees Fashion Show. After set up, I was added into the ticket sales group that mainly consisted of these strong, fashion forward, gorgeous, and intimidating Mrs. America contestants.  My friend introduced to me her friend, Heather Quisel , and we started chatting about the pageant. (Tissue break) That day changed my life as she told me four amazing words, “You would fit in.” I never thought of myself as beauty queen and before this experience, did not think very highly of pageants. She convinced me to go to a Meet and Greet where I was opening up to this pageant idea, still very unsure of what I was doing there.  After a few more weeks of convincing and talking myself in and out of it, I finally had the courage to submit my application. Both workshops were leaning experiences and I was slowly making new friends, but I was still very unsure about everything. Pageant weekend arrived and that is when I truly understood the full impact of Heather’s words. It was the most empowering, inspiring, friendly, bonding, friendship making, laughter filled weekend of my entire life. 

Sandy Carey
Mrs. North Meridian 2015

I LOVED the pageant. It was an amazing experience for me. I made lots of friends, I had a blast, and I walked on stage in heels and didn't fall down! (You have no idea what an achievement that is for me). It's been a week since we went to Boise to start the crazy pageant week, and I still have long nails (And I've learned to type in them), and I'm still doing makeup, earrings, necklace, and the girly stuff . . . . this pageant changed me for the better, and I am so grateful for the experience! Thanks so much for being awesome you guys!

Laura Paulsen
Mrs. Freemont County

What are you waiting for?! This was one of, if not the single greatest experience of my life. It will change you in ways you never thought possible. To know what I am talking about, you will need to experience it for yourself. So go ahead, take that leap of faith and figure it all out later. Trust me.

Mandi Stephenson
Mrs. South Meridian 2014 & 2015

I decided to participate in the Mrs. Idaho America pageant to challenge myself. I felt that I was in a rut and needed something to help me climb out! This pageant gave me the motivation to get in shape, volunteer in my community and spend time working on my goals and aspirations. An unexpected blessing that has come from this pageant is the new friendships I have made. As a married woman, I have found it difficult to make friends that have common values and interests as me. All of the women participating in the Mrs. Idaho pageant were married, some with children, jobs, and goals just like me! What a perfect place to find people you have things in common with! The entire pageant weekend was such a fun, nurturing environment. The directors make you feel important and taken care of. I loved my time as Mrs. Snake River and I would recommend the experience to everyone!

Brianna Wilson
Mrs. Snake River 2013

I am so thankful for the experience of participating in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant. Not only have I made life long genuine friends, but I also gained a better sense of self. Like all mothers, I always put the needs of others before my own. This time I decided to do something for me and I am very glad I took that scary leap! The Mrs. Idaho America Pageant gave me the opportunity to take time to focus on myself, refuel my soul; without guilt.  If I chose to succumb to my fears, I believe I still would be a "zombified mom" continuing to perform day to day mundane tasks of a house wife. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a stay at home mother, but have always felt there is so much more to life that I haven't experienced. Hence, dreams and goals were awakened and It was time to live outside the box! The journey was incredible! I discovered my strengths, increased in self confidence, and new doors have been opened.  You will never understand the passion and true meaning of pageantry untill you experience it for yourself.  Don't waste another minute just thinking about it. There is a reason why you are here. Just dive right in....you won't regret it!

Chanthy Birch
Mrs. Caldwell 2013

I personally had some fears and qualms about doing the America pageant due to my insecurity with my body and there being a swimsuit portion.  After doing my research and participating in both the Intl. pageant and now the America pageant.  I wouldn't refer any other pageant organization other than the America system.  I didn't place as high as I would have liked but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  It's about the journey and not the destination and I can ensure you that the journey is full of surprise, excitement, love, support, and uplifts you in ways you never knew you would experience.  The sponsors and gifts you get for participating are also a definite thumbs up, it felt like Christmas and a birthday combined.  The friendships and memories you walk away with also makes this experience truly worthwhile and successful.  As a married woman with a complex blended family and career I don't have a lot of time to filter through people to find those with similar struggles, situations, morals, and values, therefore am not afforded the opportunity to find other like minded women to befriend.  I walked away with 21 pageant sisters, and at least 3 handfuls of people that I will have over for dinner with their families, make lunch dates, do girl's weekends with, and love with all my heart!  I cannot thank the directors enough for continuing to encourage me over the last 4 years to participate in the program and for their amazing kindness and genuine dedication to expanding the horizons of the married women of Idaho.

Angelina Mettille
Mrs. Boise 2013

I knew that I needed some kind of motivation to get back in shape after my first baby, so why not prepare for a pageant? It was a growing experience that helped me in so many ways, and helped me to set high goals for myself. I am glad that I came into this pageant for the right reasons. I wanted friends that would push me to be a better wife, mother, and friend, and that is exactly what I got! I now have 11 beautiful friends that I care for so much and I wouldn't change anything from the helpful pageant directors, beautiful contestants, to even the results on pageant night.

Kimberly Paige
Mrs. Twin Falls 

Competing in the Mrs. Idaho America pageant has been the single most enriching experience of my life. I have enjoyed every second. If you asked me today if you should run in the pageant, I would leap at the chance to share my experiences. I have met and spent time with some of the best women in the State of Idaho, and was lucky enough to become life long friends with several. Our friendships grew surprisingly quickly with one goal in mind. The crown.  I have grown so much as a person and my new found confidence is comforting .  The Directors of the pageant and the whole staff made us feel like Queens from beginning to end and made our experience fun and glamorous. I am so happy that I left my fears behind and took this opportunity, it has truly changed my life!

Kristie Bear
Mrs. Idaho America 2011


Running in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  I refined myself in the months before the pageant took place and gained a beautiful and healthy body, a kind and happy heart and a mind full of understanding and compassion.  I would recommend this to any married woman no matter their shape, size or income.  This experience has helped me see the beautiful person that I am.  I now understand why my husband and children think so much of me.

Angela Thomas
Mrs. Southern Idaho 2010

Running in the Mrs. America Pageant was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. In the beginning, I didn't know what to expect and in the end, it exceeded all expectations. I walked away from this with a new found confidence and 18 life long friends. Working with Sher, Susan and Mandi was like working with a well oiled machine. All of them along with the rest of the staff made me feel like a queen.

Amy Janson
Mrs. Eagle 2010

Such a fun, memorable experience.  Wonderful women to meet, awesome staff.  I felt like a queen through and through!

Tammy Nichols
Mrs. Middleton 2009 & 2010

I originally decided to do the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant to make myself a better-rounded individual. You see, I have always chosen male-dominated career fields and most of my friends have always been men. I am a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT and I have spent 17+ years in the military. Most of my friends thought I was crazy when I told them I was doing the pageant. But I have to say, it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I met the most amazing and beautiful married women from all around the state of Idaho . I made friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to do the pageant again and I always look forward to each pageant event where I can spend time with these wonderful women.

Erika Wonacott
Mrs. Meridian 2009

I love the world of pageants! Pageants have such a great way to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. For me it really boosted me getting my Platform known and it gave me the confidence needed to start spreading my message of living with Type 2 diabetes and living a healthy life. One of the major things I loved about doing a pageant is getting to know many amazing woman who are still to this day dear friends to me. My pageant Sister's lift my spirits. They see the good in me. Tell me I am wonderful even when I don't feel that way. They support me in my passions. We support each other in our endeavors. They are my Pageant Sisters.

Jill Knapp
Mrs. Nampa 2009

Mrs. Idaho America was my first experience with pageantry and to be truthful I was pretty clueless. But I applied for the pageant with the hope of doing something outside the box and was encouraged by the pictures I saw on the website of prior pageants. The pictures I saw of past contestants seemed to be regular women, not supermodels. Women who had families, careers, and did great work in their communities. I thought to myself, "I am a regular woman, why can't I do this too?" So I did. I didn't realize at the time what a growing process it would be. I have learned so much, not only about pageantry, but about myself. I have become more involved in my community, I am more health conscious, I have made lifelong friendships with talented and inspiring women, and I have set goals for myself and achieved them. The staff welcomed me with open arms and treated me like a queen. They saw my potential and taught me and encouraged me every step of the way. I am proud to report that I am not as 'clueless' as I once was and I have learned that the contestants really are ordinary women, they are just doing extraordinary things.

Ellon Chase
Mrs. Rexburg 2008 & 2009

I had never been in a pageant before, so I set out to do the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant as a personal goal and for fun. No one prepared me for how much FUN I would truly have and how rewarding the experience would be. Mandi and her staff go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every single contestant is prepared and feels confident. They make you feel like a true winner throughout the whole year! The staff is so dedicated and works extremely hard for all of us! As a huge added bonus, I have developed remarkable friendships with the other contestants. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I grew as a woman, mom, and wife. I would HIGHLY recommend participating in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant to every married woman.

Suzanne Buchanan
Mrs. Blaine County 2007

When I first entered the pageant, I had no idea what positive changes it could be for me. I redefined who I am. I got in better shape, learned that I can go and speak about my passions in the community to make a difference and learned confidence on a different level. I also met some amazing women! I have made some friendships that I will always treasure. There are also no words to describe how wonderful the staff is. They are truly beautiful inside and out and will go way out of their "job description" to help anyone! This, I would have to say, was one of the greatest times in my life and am so blessed to have had this experience.

Jennifer Boals
Mrs. Caldwell 2007 & 2008

WOW!!! What an amazing experience the Mrs. Idaho Pageant was for me. It allowed me to have the determination to get into shape, represent my community, meet 20 AMAZING women and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. From the very beginning of the application process to months afterward, The Mrs. Idaho America staff was helpful, caring and supportive. They are truly caring individuals who help ALL the women who participate in the pageant feel at ease. Although, I did not walk away with the crown, I feel that I represented my community proud and I left with 20 new friendships. I am so glad that I participated in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant and I would highly recommend to anyone considering a pageant experience to enter the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant. It is worthwhile and a great experience.

Mary Humphrey
Mrs. Northern Idaho 2006

I had never been in any sort of pageant prior to this experience. I actually had some very negative stereotypes about the women typically associated with them. I am a hardcore women’s advocate and previously thought pageants themselves did very little to promote us as the strong, successful women we are. Boy was I wrong! Having gone through this amazing journey, I learned so much about myself and became a more well rounded and grounded individual than I ever would have without it. I also met some of the most intelligent, beautiful, and compassionate women whom I’ve been so privileged to make friends with! Needless to say, those stereotypes I previously carried with me have disintegrated! I am so proud to be a part of the Mrs. Idaho America pageant and everything the organization itself and the women involved represent! They truly are beautiful both inside and out!

Lisa Desilet
Mrs. Southwest Idaho 2006 & 2007

"Being involved in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant was truly a dream come true. For me it was not about winning awards or having the crown placed on my head in the end, but it was an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to better myself. It was an amazing experience and I would absolutely recommend this pageant to all married women (even to those who are 4 months pregnant, just as I was the night of the pageant)!"

Rachelle Moss
Mrs. Eastern Idaho 2006

I had the honor of providing music for The Mrs Idaho Pageant 2006. With this being my only exposure to any pageant, I was amazed at how much I did not know. The organization and team work that was shown by the staff was nothing short of professional. The desire by everyone, including the contestants to be part of a great organization was evident by the evening's wonderful program. If you have not had the opportunity to see or be part of the Mrs Idaho America Pageant, trust me when I say, "get involved, it will change your life".

Sal Cirrito
Score The Floor Entertainment


I never thought I could be in a beauty pageant, nor even imagined winning! When my daughter was taking modeling and manners at the age of 12, (to teach her proper etiquette ) I was asked to participate in the pageant. I had sung with the Idaho Falls Opera Theatre and was president of some women's organizations but I had never dated in High School, and never even been asked to the Prom! So I just smiled a lot and had a good time, thinking I hadn't a chance! Winning this title and appearing in public led to a lifetime of speaking and teaching women about breast cancer. I love my work and thank the Mrs. America Pageant for my extra confidence!

Riki Destine' Barney Schaefer
Mrs. Idaho America 1991