Title Holders



2018 Michele Sheets
With an amazing husband, 6 kids, 2 horses, 2 goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and a huge garden, Michele Sheets is never bored. Michele lives on a small farm located on the property of her family’s business, Silverwood Theme Park. There she works as the Guest Relations Manager by day, and helps run a small farm with her family in her off time. After giving birth to 6 kids of her own and being a surrogate for her brother and wife, she has spent the last few years losing over 70 lbs and is passionate about clean eating. She also loves to teach people about the importance of fresh, farm raised food.  As Mrs. Idaho, Michele wants to promote her passion of “Farm to Table”. She wants to emphasize the point that food comes from our farmers and not from a can or a drive through window.



2016 Christi van Ravenhorst
Christi van Ravenhorst, Mrs. Idaho America 2016 graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and from the New York Film Academy’s acting program in New York City. She has been involved in pageantry for 26 years as contestant, volunteer, judge, coach and Emcee. She has held numerous titles including Miss Idaho 2001 taking her to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City. In 2002, she appeared on ABC’s reality dating show “The Bachelor” which jump started a year of media appearances and television engagements, including Good Morning America, MTV's TRL Live and The Other Half with Mario Lopez and Dick Clark.

Christi spent her year as Mrs. Idaho volunteering hundreds of hours to various charity and non-profit organizations including Protect Idaho Kids, The Idaho Breastfeeding Law Coalition (she is the state spokesperson), and helped raise over $175,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Christi and her husband Ross reside in the beautiful resort town of McCall and have been married for 5 years. They are the proud parents to Emily.


2015 Charity Majors

Being a part of the Mrs. Idaho America organization, I was given permission…As a woman, I was given permission to allow my inner and outer beauty to shine brighter than it ever had before.  I used to be in sweat pants most of the time and had never teased my hair.  I was able to learn how to accentuate my best features and feel confident when I wake up, every single morning.  It gave me permission to be the community leader and difference maker that I so badly wanted but didn’t feel like I had a voice that was loud enough for others to listen to.  I was involved with dozens of community organizations and projects – Women Ignite, Stand Beautiful, Camp Rainbow Gold, Make-A-Wish, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Boise Rescue Mission (just to name a few).  It gave me permission to be in a community of women who weren’t in competition, but in collaboration with each other; who supported, cheered each other on, and always wanted the best for the other women involved.  I will forever cherish the year I spent as Mrs. Idaho 2015 and will hold even more dear, the friendships and the bonds of sisterhood that were created.  To any woman who doesn’t think you could ever be a part of “something like this,” I can honestly say it was completely out of my comfort zone, but one of the best decisions of my life and I have no doubt that it would be for you too.  You have now been given permission, as a woman to grow, challenge yourself, surround yourself with other incredible women, be a leader, and let your inner and outer beauty shine brighter than ever before…



2014 Misty Kesler
Misty is so excited for the opportunity to represent the amazing married women of Idaho.  Marring the love of her life Brett 13 years ago was one of Misty’s best decisions with 1 beautiful Daughter & 3 rambunctious boys being an additional bonus as well.  Making It Count is Misty’s personal platform & the philosophy Misty uses in her daily life.  Whether she is teaching her make it count challenges, working with the young women in the scholarship program she directs, or running around after her 4 children she takes advantage of every opportunity placed in her life.  When the opportunity to participate in her first pageant presented it’s self she was excited about the amazing transformative experience she knew she would have.  The Mrs. Idaho program helps you discover your self again & reminds you as a mom that some time should be spent on you.  Which goes hand in hand with Misty’s Make It Count platform.  In February the first make it count scholarship was giving out & by the end of the year Misty will have given out thousands of dollars to youth who are making their time count by changing the lives of others & their own along the way.



2013 Kaley Sparling
When I started on my journey to compete for the title of Mrs. Idaho America I was in a huge rut in my life, one that I think most wives/mothers go through.  I had lost sight of who I was because I was so busy being the best wife and mom I could be. By being a part of the Mrs. Idaho America pageant for the past 3 years, I have rediscovered myself, regained a lost confidence and found my voice in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). I was honored to represent the wonderful state of Idaho.  I was proud to be 1st runner-up at Mrs. America which provided me with a unique opportunity to represent America at the Mrs. World pageant in Guangzhou China.  Not only was it an amazing experience I was honored to be crowned Mrs. World 2013. 




2012 Beverly Hartle
Beverly is the mother of 4 children (Shea, Dilan, Ashley and Zachary).  After reuniting 24 years later with her high school crush, she married Greg and has been happily married since 2009 and resides in Meridian. Together, they have Corgi pups named Turks & Caicos named after the Caribbean Island in which they were married. She has worked in the dental field for 25 years and  enjoys helping to create beautiful smiles as well as sharing hers with those she interacts with. In addition to her role as a working mother, Beverly was determined to make an immediate difference in her community. With her local titles as Mrs. Meridian and Mrs. Ada County, she created a campaign that educates parents, teenagers and children to prevent the widespread and dangerous problem of texting while driving. With the slogan “just DONT” meaning “Drive On No Texting,” Beverly manages a growing face book page that promotes this message. Her 4th time competing was a charm and as Mrs. Idaho America 2012, she actively shared this message statewide.  Beverly was thrilled for the opportunity to represent Idaho at Mrs. America in August 2012 in Tucson, Arizona. What a wonderful experience it was to meet fabulous women representing their communities and families from around the United States.  Beverly enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, working out, waterskiing and gardening. With a passion for running, she has participated in more than 20 different running events for charities throughout Idaho. Beverly encourages all women to place themselves where they may always have FUN, stay FIT and feel FAB in her role as a woman while being a role model to her family and community. As a self-admitted "penny rescuer", she believes that pennies are somewhat of a unique symbol of hope. No matter what experiences one has endured, with a little polish each person has the opportunity to shine. Her favorite quote is: “Life is a Journey, not a destination”. It is through our experiences and the journey that allows us to grow, stand out, and shine! Beverly is honored to have represented the married women of Idaho as Mrs. Idaho America 2012 and loved every part of her journey!


kristie2011 Kristie Bear
When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a queen. I played dress up and pranced around the house wearing my mothers crown and her high heels. Little did I know that dream would come to reality 25 years later. Now, a much older version of that little girl has finally made a dream come true. I am so proud to be representing this great State and the Beautiful married women within it. I realize that this title is not just a game of dress up, but a huge responsibility. This year will be full of opportunity and I am going to make every second count. Competing in this pageant has been a life changing experience for me and my family, and we are so grateful. My goal is to grow personally, inspire others, lift up the next generation and leave a footprint on the heart of everyone that I come into contact with.

heidi2010 Heidi Parson
I am honored to be a part of an organization that recognizes the accomplishments of married women and commends us for being wives and mothers. I feel blessed to have such a supportive husband, Brett, and my three amazing kids Megan, Brock and Blake who were my biggest cheerleaders as I pursued a life-long dream of winning Mrs. Idaho America. Words cannot express my feelings as the Mrs. Idaho crown was placed on my head. Though, even more rewarding is the opportunity to serve my state as a leader.  For me, leadership is an opportunity to serve others by rolling up my sleeves and trudging through the trenches. I want to use this title of Mrs. Idaho to not only help others but to teach my young children about the joy of serving. I am excited to represent this Great State of Idaho and for all the experiences this year will bring.  

jamie2009 Jamie Hilton
My journey began with a personal desire to stretch out of my comfort zone and go for something out of the ordinary, something adventurous that would cause me to grow as a woman, wife, and mother.   My desires became a reality, not only in capturing the crown, but in the process of uncovering the confidence within me, making unexpected friendships, and having a platform to reach thousands of women.  I am so grateful for the privilege I have had in serving, connecting and loving the women of Idaho.  My mission now is encouraging them to continually be growing and becoming the best they can be, stomp out their fears, and believe in their glorious future.


jackie2008 Jackie Walker
“Thoughts become Things.” This quote is what helped me through this last year as I prepared for the 2008 Mrs. Idaho America Pageant. My thoughts and goals of becoming Mrs. Idaho came true on April 12th, 2008. I will never forget how relieved I was to make the top ten, ecstatic to make the top five and as I was announced Mrs. Idaho it felt too good to be true. It was an out of body experience. I feel extremely blessed and honored to have this opportunity to be chosen to represent the married Women of Idaho because I was amongst the best of the best.



lauralyn2007 Lauralyn Salinas
What an amazing opportunity and huge responsibility to represent the women of our state as Mrs. Idaho. Competing in this pageant is something that I have wanted to do for many years and now this goal is a reality. Idaho is my home and I am so fortunate to have been raised here my entire life. I grew up and attended school in Parma, knew my wonderful husband Marc forever, (we are high school sweethearts) and now reside in Nampa. Marc and I are the parents of four handsome sons Taylor (15), Spencer (13), Grant (11), & M’Kay (7) and one darling daughter, McCall (5). They are our everything! Most of the year you will find me on a football field or in a wrestling gym with my video camera in hand. I am extremely involved in my children’s lives and I love every minute of it. While I am a stay at home mom, I have also been an independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for the past 12 years. It has been such a rewarding business for me and I have enjoyed tremendous success as the company’s top recruiter and earning a position on the prestigious Company Advisory Board. My community platform this year is Breast Cancer Awareness. My mom is celebrating 6 years of being a survivor and both of my grandmothers have been diagnosed as well. This touches close to home for me and I am passionate about early detection in younger women. Throughout my life I have enjoyed many creative outlets including ballroom dancing, classical piano, public speaking, and scrap booking. What matters most to me now is being a good wife and mother. Marc and I strive to teach our children strong morals and the value of serving others. When I look at my family and who they are becoming each day, I feel that I have attained the ultimate success.

liz2006 Elizabeth Amar
At some point in a woman’s life, she wonders, “Is there really life out there?” This question hit home a few years ago with three little boys and a husband with endless work hours. The job of a wife and a mother is the toughest job any woman will ever do. Often times the way to escape that sometimes trapped and never-ending feeling is to step outside your bubble and give, give, give. My mother is one of the most remarkable women I know and I grew up with her telling me to “Get out and do for others what they can’t do for themselves.” This was my beginning motivation in competing for Mrs. ID America in 2006. Little did I know what an impact I would have on other women and what their impact was about to have on me! Next to marrying my high school sweetheart, Kevin, and raising our 4 children, having the opportunity to represent Idaho and its women was the most rewarding experience of my life. I distinctly remember countless times at various charity events where I met directors, volunteers, life coaches, mentors and various other women working so hard for their causes and volunteering with those organizations for years, out of the spotlight, to bring about positive change; change that they felt was so necessary and giving tirelessly to organizations that desperately needed their help. I love the quote "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." Stepping out of my bubble and seeing other women ‘keep on trying’ throughout our great state was life changing. We rally together and walk to eradicate cancer. We forge bonds to boy up women and children affected by abuse. We give of our time to the child left behind. We wrap our arms around the men and women who serve our country so instinctively. Quickly we raise our hand to give blood so others may live. Giving back to the women of Idaho will forever be my cause. Being the owner of pageant and prom store, I now have the opportunity daily to coach girls and women of all ages to look and feel their best and help them develop goals and talents to enrich the lives of everyone around them. Thank you to the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant for helping me see my purpose in life.

juls2005 Juliet Tietjen
As an Idaho native, I sincerely believe that Idaho is the best place to live and raise a family. I am grateful to have the unyielding support from my husband, Spencer, and our two children as I pursue this personal goal. Aside from the new activities this title has brought, I work as a freelance Harpist. I perform and entertain throughout southern Idaho while also maintaining a private teaching studio in my home. I regularly perform with the Boise Thanksgiving Orchestra, the Alleluia Chorus Symphony, the Living Christmas Tree Orchestra and last year was principle harpist for the Boise Phil Harmonic. Formerly from Rexburg, I was principle harpist for the BYU-Idaho Symphonic Orchestra and Chamber Strings. In 2002 I founded and currently direct the annual Glissando Harp Ensemble. I am also an active member of the Boise Tuesday Musicale Association. I received my Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts from Boise State University in 2001 and have spent the last five years working with Boise City’s Creative Acting Troupes (CATs), which is an after-school youth drama program with the objective of teaching and supporting creative expression. Our traveling theater group has taken productions to local schools, hospitals, public libraries and retirement communities. I am looking forward to this year as Mrs. Idaho and the opportunities that it may bring. I know that each day is only spent well if I am serving those around me and I am grateful for this opportunity for service.

amanda2004 Amanda Peterson
I am a 30-year-old wife and mother of two. I work as a Chaplain for Marketplace Ministries Idaho Division whose main objective is providing pastoral care to client companies through building relationships with people in the work place. I also work for Calvary Chapel in Caldwell where I’m the PR spokesperson as well as manage event promotions. As a volunteer I serve at KTSY, and as a Chaplain for West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell. Studying Theology in Bible College and graduating from Boise State University with a degree in Social Science has given me a clear vision about what I consider to be my calling. Aside from working, I feel strongly that my primary job is within my own home. Being a wife and raising considerate, well-mannered children demands my all. I strive to continue to be a devoted wife, an ethical and moral example to my children, and helper in my community. The support from my family has, no doubt, contributed to my accomplishments. I have been married for 12 years to Chris, a pilot for Boise Cascade & Albertson’s and am the mother of Chrissy 6 & Luke 3.


2003 Amanda Feely
Amanda Feely was Mrs. Idaho America 2003 and enjoyed her experience with the Mrs. America Pageant so much that she wanted to continue to provide the same opportunity to other married women in the State of Idaho as the Executive Director of the pageant. Amanda is a graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration. Amanda is the Senior Vice President of Home Mortgage Resources in Meridian, Idaho. Amanda’s has 19 years of pageant experience as a contestant, coach, judge, and Master of Ceremonies. As a native Idahoan Amanda has been privilege to have held four state titles and one national title. Amanda and her husband Scott have been married for six year and are the proud parents of Alyson and Blake. Amanda and her family reside in Boise and in their free time they enjoy volunteering for many local charities, camping, snow skiing, golfing, and family bike rides.

lonna2002 Lonna Vopat
The greatest joy in my life is being the wife to my wonderful husband Kevin and mother to our 3 beautiful children: Parker, Dillon, and Grace. Away from home I am a television talk show host and international ministry speaker. My passion to share the gospel and work in outreach situations is what led me to the Mrs. Idaho, America pageant. The pageant gave me a platform to share my work with homeless youth in the Spokane and Seattle inner city as well as sharing my love for the Lord. Winning the title of Mrs. Idaho, America 2002 opened the door to establish In His Grace Ministries as well as meet phenomenal women from across our country at the Mrs. America pageant. My pageant experience paved the way to an international ministry where I am able to encourage women around the globe to reach for their dreams for with God nothing is impossible! I thank my family for being a great source of strength, love and support to me-I love you! In our free time we enjoy raising quarter horses and taking advantage of many of the outdoor activities the beautiful state of Idaho has to offer!


2001 Victoria Benson
Victoria was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, and is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors Degree in Management and a Minor in Fashion Merchandising. After graduating in 1992 she moved to Idaho where she met her husband Marty. They have 2 beautiful children. Their son Davis is 8 and their daughter Mahalie is 6. Although being a full time mom is Victoria’s number one priority, she stays busy directing and volunteering with pageants. After holding the title of Mrs. Idaho, America in 2001, Victoria decided to accept the Executive State Director position for the Mrs. Idaho, America Pageant. She held this position for 4 years before deciding to move on to her other passions; writing Christian Children’s Books, coordinating weddings for her church and starting a new construction cleaning business. Victoria's favorite hobby is singing and in her SPARE time, she enjoys singing in the band at her church the Cathedral of the Rockies. Victoria is also frequently invited to sing the National Anthem at many sporting events throughout our state.

brenda2000 Brenda Mee






wendy1999 Wendy Knapp Wendy Knapp, She and husband Paul are the energetic parents of six children: Savannah, Sadie, Summer, Jake, Jared and Preston! They will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary this August 1st. 2008. Wendy graduated of C.S.U. Northridge, a former junior high school teacher and 13 year state foster parent for high-risk children. "Give a child a chance, give a child a home" is the motto of T.O.Y.S. (Together Our Young Survive), a non-profit foundation established in 1993. As T.O.Y.S. Founder and Spokesperson, Wendy devotes her time to promoting foster and adoption awareness. As the recipient of the KNBC Person of the Year, Wendy has traveled around the world to adopt three of her six children and aided refugees in Bosnia, Guatemala and Mexico. Being an avid trail runner and mountain biker, Wendy recently competed on a Parent/Child series of Fear Factor! Her family, known as "Camp Knapp", is her greatest reward and accomplishment.


1998 Heidi Ritz-Stephens
Heidi Ritz-Stephens has been active in pageantry for 25 years. After competing in local and state scholarship pageants, she paid for college through those pageant scholarships. She has judged pageants all over the country as well as serving as emcee, choreographer, and director. Heidi currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a nurse anesthetist while enjoying acting on the side. She has a PhD in Theology and also serves as an ordained minister. She enjoys traveling, knitting and cooking for friends and family.





1997 Lori Makey
I am Lori and I was Mrs. Idaho America 1997. I cannot believe that was ten years ago. At the time I lived in Nampa, Idaho and worked as a Teller at Washington Mutual Bank. I was married Paul who has since passed away. I now live in Albany, Oregon with my fiancé who is a member of the Oregon National Guard. We plan on being married next June. I have two beautiful children. Ashlyn, age 4 and Austin, age 5, plus a soon-to-be stepdaughter, age 8.
I have done many things in my life. I have been a United States Marine, a reserve Police Officer, model, and beauty pageant winner. Up until a couple of years ago I still competed in pageants but since I have gone back to college, I have given up competing for a few years. My daughter is showing indications of following mom’s footsteps.
Currently, I work as a bookkeeper and am working on obtaining my bachelor’s degree in accounting. Then I will go on to get my masters degree in forensic accounting. I have a strong passion and love for law enforcement and accounting so becoming a forensic accountant is a natural path for me.

debi1996 Debi Wilson
It was an honor for me to represent Idaho in the Mrs. America pageant.  Idaho is a beautiful state with countless breathtaking landscapes.  I look back on that experience with fond memories.  At the time, I had three little children, Whitney, Derek, and Deidre.  My husband Drew was very supportive in giving me this opportunity.  I had the great fortune to visit many counties and participate in parades across Idaho.  In the Boise parade, “Nursery Rhymes and Story Book Tales,” My daughter Whitney and I dressed up as Barbies, while my husband Drew, and son, Derek dressed as Ken.  It was so much fun! The national pageant in Las Vegas was a great experience.  I had been the director for my local Jr. Miss Pageant, and it was there that I gained valuable insights into the production of a pageant.  While there, I got the opportunity to practice being crowned the winner of the pageant.  Wearing the crown and fur coat while doing the final walk is something I will always remember. I will never forget one woman who shouted out to me while riding in a parade, “You give hope to us all!”  I think that sums everything up.  We are bringing hope and love to the people of Idaho. I now do the thing I love best and that is to raise five wonderful children (we added two more, Jacqueline and Arianna).  I have a Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University and am deeply involved in my children’s lives with all the things moms do: piano, dance, and sports.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Idaho is the best place to raise a family!

1995 Maggie Cardinal  


1994 Tamara Schneider
I entered the Mrs. Idaho America pageant on a dare. My friends started to talk about it and I just ignored them. Then they said if I didn’t do it they would enter me anyway. I didn’t have much of a choice. They said that it was a good idea because I was a good role model and  I speak well to groups and that I would really enjoy it. They literally dared me to do it. I honestly thought of it as a big joke until I realized that the exposure could benefit the “Make a Wish Foundation” (I was the director at the time). I thought to myself, Why not! Let’s try it and see what happens. I tried and I WON!!! I entered the pageant and ten days later was crowned Mrs. Idaho America 1994. It all happened so quickly. The title is an incredible opportunity to meet new people and represent the beauty of Idaho , which includes its people.  At the age of six I underwent open heart surgery and wasn’t expected to live. At the age of ten had melanoma cancer. My dedicated work with the Make a Wish Foundation is a result of wanting to help children that are going through the same experiences I did. I am now the Founder and President of Brand of Life, Inc. It is her belief that there are a vast number of people in the world who want to live life consciously. She believes that these people are seeking products and resources in their search for physical, mental and spiritual well being for themselves and their families. Brand of Life’s mission is to provide Inspiration and empower people with information, products and services for those seeking their own truth. She continues to ask: “What Brand of life is you living?” Tamara’s journey to founding Brand of Life was a natural path that took a number of twists and turns. Tamara started her personal growth in high school and her professional growth on horse tracks. Being a country girl in a family dynamic that insisted on quiet compliance, she didn’t learn that you could be anything in this life until well into her late 20s and early 30s. However, just knowing that she could be anything didn’t give her practical tools to evolve. Armed with the knowledge that she wanted to change and grow, she started on a path that would take her from Catholicism to Shamanism, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to corporate America .  At the present time she owns Brand of Life, Brand of Life Consulting and is a weekly columnist for the Idaho Press Tribune.

1993 Christy Kuhlman

1992 Tawnie Rouleau

des1991 Riki Destine Barney (Destine Schaefer)
Hi, just call me Des! My daughter Kelen helped me enter the Mrs. Idaho Pageant (as her modeling and etiquette teacher met me and asked me to do so!) I had never dated in High School and had been extremely shy…wasn’t even asked to Prom! Anyway I decided I didn’t have a chance and to just smile and have fun! I guess that did the trick, I also think being a History and Art graduate and being current on world events impressed the judges. I worked out really hard and even won the bathing suit contest… (Those were the days!) As I won both the interview and swim suit competition, that gave me the highest score and there I was, the most shocked beauty pageant winner ever! My swim suit cost a dollar; one girl spent a thousand on her suit! Since then the confidence I gained from a year of speaking has helped my career. 16 years later I still speak and teach women about breast cancer. My husband and I plan to attend the 2008 pageant and I recommend trying out for public positions as a real growth tool for your personality and career!

1990 Doylene Gridley

1989 DeAnna Pooley

 1988 Shawna Fuller



1987 Carol Ladle
In 1987, I was teaching 5th grade, assisting with the Madison Junior Miss Program, co-teaching in the S & C School of Charm , judging preliminary Miss America Pageants, and more importantly being a wife and mother of 6 children. I felt I would be a better judge and teacher in the S&C School of Charm if I was a participant in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant. It was a challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed. During my reign as Mrs. Idaho America, I went to every Elementary school classroom in Rexburg and Sugar City teaching and encouraging the young people to Just Say “No” to Drugs. I still have people come up to me and tell me they remember me coming to their classroom. My goal in the state and the national pageant was to be the best person I could be in all the judging areas. Then if I did not receive a crown, I would have no regrets, for I had been true to my values. At the national pageant in Las Vegas, I was actually crowned Mrs. America in the practice. I now have 23 grandchildren that keep me busy as they live coast to coast. I went back to school and received a Registered Nurse Degree, Bachelors Degree in Nursing and Masters Degree in Nursing Education. I taught OB/GYN at Ricks College for 7 years during which time I took student nurses to Israel for 6 months for a Pediatric rotation. In 2000, I received a second Masters Degree as a Nurse Practitioner. I have been in private practice with an OB/GYN Clinic in Rexburg since then and truly enjoy women’s health. What does the future hold? Who knows, but I do know I will be enjoying my family and keeping important things important and dumb things dumb. 


  1986 Carisa Jessen

1985 Theresa German

1984 Bianca Braden 

joanie1983 Joanie Nyborg Bunker
My primary interest & focus is and has been my family...I have 5 fantastic children, four of whom are married to the best of the best! I have 2 adorable granddaughters I love getting together with any or all of them whenever I can.I enjoy good conversations and learning about others. Dancing is a real LOVE of mine as is going to the theatre...Les Miserables is my all time favorite production. I've been briefly introduced to scuba diving and would like to pursue certification in it...I dabble in tennis & have walked or jogged several famous and beautiful golf courses with friends...some day I may even learn to golf!!  For 12 years it's been my job to help people find their dream home...and to help those who are selling their home get the best value out of their investment. I've assisted people in all ages and stages of life, from the US to the United Kingdom with their real estate investments. I love what I do! I've worked hard to earn the CSP (Certified Short Sale Professional), and D-REO (REO/foreclosure specialist).  

 1982 Becky Blackhall

 1981 Vikki Hemsley 

 1980 Valle Schramm


 1979 Michele Biglow


 1978 Kay R. Lombard 

1977 Diane Lynn Graham 



Misty is so excited for the opportunity to represent the amazing married women of Idaho.  Marring the love of her life Brett 13 years ago was one of Misty’s best decisions with 1 beautiful Daughter & 3 rambunctious boys being an additional bonus as well.  Making It Count is Misty’s personal platform & the philosophy Misty uses in her daily life.  Whether she is teaching her make it count challenges, working with the young women in the scholarship program she directs, or running around after her 4 children she takes advantage of every opportunity placed in her life.  When the opportunity to participate in her first pageant presented it’s self she was excited about the amazing transformative experience she knew she would have.  The Mrs. Idaho program helps you discover your self again & reminds you as a mom that some time should be spent on you.  Which goes hand in hand with Misty’s Make It Count platform.  In February the first make it count scholarship was giving out & by the end of the year Misty will have given out thousands of dollars to youth who are making their time count by changing the lives of others & their own along the way.